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Zhiyun WEEBILL-S Camera Gimbal - Image Transmission Pro Package

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  • 3-Axis Motorised Stabiliser
  • Fold-up Tripod Grip for Underslung Mode
  • Auto Tune & Manfrotto/Arca Swiss QR Plate
  • 14 Hour Battery Life & Focus/Zoom Support
  • ViaTouch 2.0 for Motion Control
  • POV, Vortex & Go Modes
  • Axis Locks for Fast Setup & Secure Transport
  • Supports Full HD Wireless Transmission & Remote Control

Zhiyun WeeBill-S 3 axis Gimbal for DSLR & Mirrorless Camera with Image transmission and Follow Focus (includes gimbal + tripod+ batteries + follow focus)

Item Description

The Zhiyun-Tech WEEBIL-S is a super compact but incredibly powerful 3-axis motorised gimbal suitable for a wide range of Mirrorless or DSLR cameras and lens combinations, thanks to an improved motor unit and updated stabilisation algorithm. The latest WEEBIL gimbal offers an impressive 14-hour battery life and adds a new auto-tune feature that makes setup easier than ever.

Motarised 3 axis stabilization

Three integrated motors in the WEEBIL S compensate for bumps and shakes, allowing you to record smooth cinematic camera movement to improve the production value of your content. The strength of each motor, as well as the smoothness and follow speed can be adjusted directly on the gimbal without using an app and now the gimbal can handle a heavier load.

Super compact but incredibly powerful

Aimed squarely at video shooters on-the-go that want incredibly versatile performance without carrying a massive rig, the WEEBIL-S weighs in at only 926 without the tripod or batteries installed and has integrated locks on each axis for safe and secure transport.The improved motors deliver a dramatic 300% improvement in motor torque which translates to a 50% increase in response speed.

Ergonomic Underslung Design

The WEEBIL-S has a removable tripod base that folds up to become a handle. It can be attached at the base like a traditional gimbal, or at the back of the gimbal facing upwards to create a underslung-style grip. This makes is easier to capture super-low angle footage and to transition from low to high shots smoothly, allowing you to capture crane-like jib shots.

Auto Tune Setup

Getting ready to start filming is faster than ever because the WEEBIL-S now features an automatic system that takes the hassle out of balancing your setup. Just mount your favourite camera and lens combo, turn the system on and the gimbal will do all the hard work to ensure you get the best performance possible.

Versatile Quick Release Plate

Using a quick release plate that is compatible with both Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss style tripod heads means you can easily swap your camera between gimbal setups and sticks in a couple of moves. This gives you the flexibility to change setups quickly and securely for a significantly faster workflow on set.

14 Hour Battery Life

The WEEBIL-S is powered by the same 2600mAh 18650 Zhiyun batteries but now the same batteries deliver up to 14 hours of operation. The batteries are removable and additional units can be purchased, although the Zhiyun brand are recommended due to their slightly shorter size.

Gimbal Controlled Focus & Zoom

A large dial on the side of the WEEBIL-S can be used to control either focus or zoom when combined with the Zhiyun motorised servo motor. Some cameras will also support electronic focus control which can be set in the menu of the gimbal.

ViaTouch 2.0 Support for Wireless Control and Monitoring

The latest version of ViaTouch can be combined with the optional TransMount Image Transmission Module to turn a connected mobile device into a wireless monitor that can also be used to adjust aperture, ISO, shutter speed and gimbal movement settings. It also unlocks precise object tracking as well as the sync motion feature to control gimbal movement using your phone’s motion sensor.

Cinematic Movement Modes

Zhiyun have created a tool that delivers maximum freedom to filmmakers with a variety of modes that control the gimbal movement. The standard PF mode absorbs tilt and roll motions, keeping the camera flat so you can smoothly orbit your subject. The all-follow mode is similar but follows both pan and tilt motions, while the all lock mode keeps the camera pointed the same direction the entire time.

POV, Vortex and Go Modes

The WEEBIL-S also offers sophisticated operation modes for unique shots. The POV mode follows an operator’s roll movements, creating a point-of-view look. The Vortex mode points the camera up and rotates on the pan axis for stunning 360° barrel rolls, while the Go mode increases sensitivity and motor responsiveness, making it easier to follow fast moving subjects.

Compatible with Transmount Wireless Systems

The best thing about the Zhiyuntech WEEBIL S is the versatility for different sized productions. It can be stripped-back for run-and-gun documentary filmmakers or built up for a bigger production crew with the range of accessories. The TransMount Image Transmission Module adds wireless Full HD low latency monitoring with a 100m range, while the Wireless Remote Controller delivers precision motion control as well as real-time camera parameter control.

What's in the box

  • Zhiyun WEEBIL S Gimbal
  • Image transmission
  • Follow focus
  • Phone holder
  • Tripod
  • Additional plate
  • Battery charger
  • 3x 1/4-inch screw
  • 4x Camera control cable
  • USB data cable
  • Case
  • Lens support frame
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