Zhiyun TransMount Servo Controller /Light Weight
Zhiyun CMF-04 (Max) TransMount Focus controller / Light Weight
Zhiyun CMF-04 TransMount Servo Zoom Controller / Light weight
Zhiyun Zoom Controller with Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB / Light Weight
CMF-04 Zhiyun TransMount Servo Focus/Zoom Controller Max
Zhiyun CMF-04 TransMount Servo Follow Focus/Zoom Controller (Max) / Light Weight

Zhiyun CMF-04 TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Controller Max

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  • Motorised Servo Control for Focus or Zoom
  • Fast Tool-less Setup & Removal System
  • Mounts to Quick Release Plate
  • Operate from the Gimbal or Mobile Device
  • Low Latency USB-C Connection Port
  • Compatible with the Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB & Weebill LAB

The Zhiyun TransMount Servo Zoom Focus Controller or ‘Max’ has an integrated motor that connects to the same quick-release plate as your camera to make setup a breeze. It can be used interchangeably for focus and zoom control and provides control directly from the control wheel on the gimbal or on your mobile device.

Motorised Servo for Focus or Zoom Control

Unlike the Transmount Lite that is only designed to control focus, the Transmount Max Servo Controller has a more powerful motor that can drive the focus or zoom control ring on most lenses.

Tool-less Setup with Customisable Geared Control Ring

Setting up the system is super easy and straightforward thanks to a simple tool-less design. The motor attaches via a rod to the same quick release plate that mounts to the camera, so you can setup and connect the follow focus to the camera before balancing the gimbal. It also allows you to quickly take the camera off the gimbal without having to detach the follow focus controller.

Control Focus or Zoom from the Gimbal or Mobile Device

Being able to control the focus or zoom of your shot directly on your gimbal using the control wheel or zoom rocker makes it so much easier to capture smooth focus changes without requiring a second operator. But if you can outsource that side of your production it’s possible to adjust the focus and zoom of your shot wirelessly from your mobile device using the Zhiyun ViaTouch System.

High-Speed USB-C Connection

Using a fast Type-C USB connection enables the focus controller to deliver zero latency performance for precise focus and zoom adjustments.

Designed for the Crane 3 LAB and Weebill LAB

The Zhiyun Transmount ‘Max’ Servo Zoom Focus Controller is designed to be compatible with both the Crane 3 LAB 3-axis gimbal and the smaller Weebill LAB. It can be used interchangeably to control either focus or zoom but is recommended to work with the Transmount Lite when mounted to the Crane 3 LAB.

What's in the box

  • Zoom/Focus Controller (Max) *1
  • Round Rod *1
  • Support Bracket *1
  • Control Wheels *2
  • USB-C Cable *1
  • Locking Screw *3
Compatibility Crane 3 LAB and Weebill LAB Gimbals
Voltage 3.7V
Compatibility Zhiyun Smooth 3
Feiyu Tech G6, G6 Plus, SPG2

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

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