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Camera Control Cable (Mini USB to Micro USB)

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The Zhiyun Camera Connection Cable allows you to control compatible cameras right from the gimbal handle, connecting your camera and gimbal via their micro USB ports. A single press of power button controls shutter release, while a quick double press starts or stops video recording, helping to streamline your shooting experience.

When connected, zoom support is available for cameras with motorised lenses. Control is easy and intuitive, using the gimbal’s 4-way joystick to zoom in and out easily.

In order to work, the Zhiyun Camera Connection Cable requires the latest firmware to be installed on your Crane Gimbal. Simply use the Zhiyun Assistant App to ensure you have the most recent version, select your camera to complete set-up, and start shooting.

Key Features:

  • Connects Gimbal to Cameras via Micro USB. 
  • Controls Shutter and Video Recording
  • Enables Zoom Control via Gimbal Handle (for compatible cameras)
  • Works with Zhiyun Assistant App
  • Control Cameras via the Gimbal Handle

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