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Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB DSLR Camera Gimbal - Creator Package

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  • 3-Axis Motorised Stabilisation
  • Innovative Adjustable Handle for Underslung Operation
  • Dual Handle with Expandable Tripod Base
  • 4.5kg Maximum Payload and Axis Lock System
  • ViaTouch Control & Full HD Wireless Video Transmission
  • Simultaneous Zoom and Focus Control
  • High Speed GO, Full Follow, Pan Follow, Lock and POV Modes
  • Includes Phone Mount, Monopod, Focus & Zoom Kits
  • Includes a Multifunctional Carry Bag


Item Description

The Zhiyun Crane 3 is part of the LAB series of gimbals from Zhiyun-tech, which use an innovative new design jam packed with features. It offers Full HD wireless image transmission, an optimised sling mode design and simultaneous zoom and focus control for vertigo-style shooting. With supports for payloads up to 4.5kg, the Crane 3 LAB is suitable for a range of DSLR and entry-level cinema setups.

3 axis motarised stabilization

With powerful aviation grade motors that are up to 50% quieter and 100% stronger than previous models, the Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB removes bumps and shakes to capture super smooth footage. Lock in a direction and the motors compensate against movement to ensure the camera direction stays the same.

Alternatively, choice one of the different follow modes that interpret your pan, pitch, or roll motions to control the movement of the gimbal for cinematic shots.

Innovative new design for sling mode

Zhiyun have completely redesigned the Crane series of gimbals with a configuration that is more comfortable when shooting in the underslung mode. The articulating rear handle angle can be adjusted, rested against your body for support, rotated for dual handle operation and provides comprehensive camera and gimbal control with a control stick layout that borrows heavily from aircraft joystick controls.

Dual handle with Integrated Tripod

Not only can the angle of the rear handle be adjusted but the Crane 3 LAB also includes a compact tripod that can be mounted at the base of the gimbal with rubber gripped legs that collapse to create a secondary grip below like a traditional gimbal. This can be swapped with a monopod for high angle shots.

Improved control layout

The latest gimbals from Zhiyun allow you to control camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, aperture as well as modify gimbal settings like POV mode and motor speed but the Crane 3 LAB makes changing these settings easier than ever with dedicated buttons for most of the functions.

Payload upto 4.5kg

The maximum payload capacity of the Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB has been increased to an impressive 4.5kg, so it can handle DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as larger format cinema cameras. This allows you to build larger setups with accessories like follow focus rigs, monitors and microphones without worrying about overloading the gimbal motors.

Integrated image transmission module

Taking video production to the next level Zhiyun have added an image transmission feature that accepts a HDMI output from a camera. This signal can be sent as a Full HD stream via a Wi-Fi connection to a mobile device with an iOS or Android system that can be attached with a holder on the side of the gimbal as a monitor. Ideal when shooting from unconventional angles or when attaching the gimbal to a monopod for high perspective shots.

Control focus and zoom control

At the side of the gimbal is a large control wheel that can manually control the focus of supported cameras. The gimbal is also compatible with separately available mechanical zoom and focus kits that allow you to control zoom and focus settings at the same time. The module under the plate has dual connection ports to provides wireless control for a second operator to pull focus.

Axis lock to secure your load

Each axis has a lock that allows the gimbal to be secured for transport making it easier to take your rig on location. The ability to lock each axis on the gimbal also allow you to focus of balancing each axis one at a time for more accurate balance.

Responsive Go mode

The PhoneGo mode on the gimbal ramps up the sensitivity of the gimbal motors for maximum responsiveness, perfect for following fast moving subjects when you need the fastest performance possible out of the stabiliser.

POV and full following mode

In addition to the standard pan follow and locked mode the gimbal also offers the POV mode which follows the roll movements of an operator for unique looking barrel roll shots. The full follow mode has been re-designed as well so it can be activated from any position without needing to re-centre.

Mobile App support with extra features

Connect the gimbal to a mobile device to access features like the built-in time-lapse, panorama, and motion lapse modes as well as subject tracking or to modify gimbal settings. Try the new ViaTouch function which captures gestures using the gyro sensor on your mobile device, allowing you to control the motion of your gimbal by simply moving your phone.

Comprehensive master package

The Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB Master kit includes a stack of gear, so you can create cinematic masterpieces. It includes a phone mount, so you can use your mobile as a monitor, a 1.2-metre-long telescopic monopod for higher angles, as well as a focus and a zoom combo kit for remote focus and zoom adjustment. The Master package also comes with a multifunctional carry bag, so you can safely store and transport your gear.

What's in the box

  • Crane 3 LAB
  • Handheld Tripod
  • 18650 Batteries
  • Phone Holder with Crown Gear
  • Focus and Zoom Combo Kit
  • Telescopic Monopod with Locking Buckle (1.2m extension rod)
  • Multifunctional Camera Belt
  • 2x Quick Setup Kit
  • 1x Quick Release Base Plate
  • 1x Multifunctional Gimbal Bag
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