The All New Crane M2S - Small, Strong & Super-light

Get ready for a power backed gimbal for your wide ranging cameras with very useful features:

  • Ultra-bright fill light built-in 
  • More cost-effective than CRANE-M3 yet packed with many of its features
  • Zhiyun Quick Release 4.0
  • Long battery life, faster charging and direct camera charging
  • Pan Follow, Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex, Go and more operating modes built in

The world’s leading gimbal brand for filmmakers with cameras and smartphones, has launched its CRANE-M2S, a new small, super-light gimbal, yet strong enough to hold various cameras, including smartphones, action-cams and mirrorless cameras.

Small Yet Strong

Being highly portable, just like a phone gimbal, it still has the capacity to hold cameras up to the Sony A7SIII with small prime lenses. It's super lightweight body is combined with stronger motors compared to the standard CRANE-M2 series, making it a must-have for high velocity, run-and-gun filmmakers.

Intuitive & Ergonomic Design

Designed to feel completely natural in the hand during use, the CRANE-M2S features a built-in 0.66-inch display that offers real-time status and operating parameters of the camera and gimbal, giving users a convenient at-a-glance view while they shoot. Various operating modes are available in the CRANE-M2S, including Pan Follow, Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex, Go and more.

Ultra-bright Light Built -in

An ultra-bright light is built into the CRANE-M2S. Using Lumen Amplifier technology it can produce over 1000 lumens brightness within 2.8 cubic meters, ideal for capturing subjects directly in shot. With five levels of adjustability and four color filters, it gives users more creative potential and control.

Flagship-grade Quick Release Technology

Featuring Zhiyun’s latest quick release technology, the V-shape design provides better working efficiency, while dual safety locks ensure the equipment always remains attached when you need it to. 

Fast Charging and Camera Battery Boosting

Supporting USB PD fast charging up to 12W via its USB-C connector, a full charge time can be achieved in just 100 mins, allowing the CRANE-M2S will run for up to 10 hours*. For compatible devices, cameras can be directly connected via USB-C cable to engage direct shutter control and supply up to 5V/1A of power directly to the camera, extending its battery life.

More Cost-Effective Alternative to the CRANE-M3

The CRANE-M2S offers a more cost-effective alternative to the CRANE-M3 for those that need a lighter, more agile device and use smaller cameras and lenses, while still offering better features than the standard CRANE-M2, including a considerably longer battery life, faster charging time, ability to charge while operating with Quick Release 4.0 technology.

Bag Your Gear and Go!

Available with the Combo package, Zhiyun provides a customized bag with dedicated spaces for the CRANE-M2S to be stored and transported safely. High quality and with a spill-resistant coating, it’s an ideal partner to get you and your gear on-site, anywhere.


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