Revolutionize Your iPhone 15 Videography with ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S


As the world of smartphone photography and videography continues to evolve, so does the need for advanced stabilizing technology. The iPhone 15, with its cutting-edge camera capabilities, pairs perfectly with the latest offering from Zhiyun - the SMOOTH 5S Professional Smartphone Gimbal.

New year Camera Gimbal Sale For Iphone 15

A Perfect Match for the iPhone 15

The ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S is designed to complement the advanced features of the iPhone 15. Its pro 3-axis design and sturdy motor performance ensure that whether you're capturing a serene landscape or an action-packed sequence, your footage remains smooth and professional.

Key Features of the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S:

  1. Upgraded Brushless Motors & Wide Compatibility: The SMOOTH 5S easily accommodates the iPhone 15, along with a range of other large smartphones, thanks to its wider phone clamp and strong magnetic steel motors.

  2. Intuitive Control Panel: Effortlessly adjust shooting parameters with a fingertip-friendly control panel and a user-friendly joystick.

  3. Advanced Lighting Solutions: The built-in fill light, rated at 2W with a 5000K color temperature and 90+ CRI, is complemented by additional 300-lumen magnetic fill lights, offering 360° all-round lighting.

  4. Creative Shooting Modes: Explore modes like Dolly Zoom, Smart Follow, Magic Clone Pano, Slow-mo, and Timelapse to enhance your filming experience.

  5. Versatile App Integration: Pair it with ZY Cami for beginners, StaCam for pros, or Filmic Pro for advanced users.

Enhanced Filming Experience with White Combo

Priced at $399.00, the SMOOTH 5S White Combo includes the main gimbal device, a PD charging cable, mini-tripod, fill lights with filters, wrist strap, and a protective bag. It's an all-encompassing package for both amateur and professional iPhone filmmakers.

Limited Time Offer

To celebrate the launch of this revolutionary gadget, we are offering Australia Wide Free Shipping (auto-upgraded to Free Express Shipping for the next 100 shoppers).

Customer Review Spotlight

Michael, an iPhone 14 Pro Max user, shares, “Perfect gimbal for my iPhone. Easy to use. Delivered everything as promised. Great support. Recommend to everyone with a smartphone.”


The ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S is more than just a stabilizer; it's a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your iPhone 15's camera. Whether you're a vlogging enthusiast or a professional filmmaker, this gimbal is set to take your visual storytelling to new heights.

Shop now and experience the pinnacle of smartphone videography with the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S.

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