Crane 4 Revolution: Experience a New Era of Cinematic Control

Zhiyun Crane 4 Pro

You've got the passion. You've got the vision. You've got the perfect shot in mind. Now, all you need is the perfect partner to bring your vision to life. That's where the Crane 4 Revolution steps into the picture. Designed with photographers and videographers in mind, the Crane 4 Revolution Gimbal Collection is here to revolutionize the way you capture and create.

Crane 4 Revolution Gimbal in action, capturing a cinematic scene

A Symphony of Control and Versatility

With its innovative touch-based color screen, switching between portrait and landscape modes is as easy as flipping a switch. No more hassle of equipment adjustments mid-shot – the Crane 4 Revolution has your back whether you're capturing the vast expanses of a sunrise landscape or the dynamic action of a city's vertical hustle.

Compatibility Like Never Before

Crafted to work seamlessly with an array of cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, BMPCC 6K Pro, Nikon Z8, Lumix S1H, Sony A7S3, and more, this gimbal becomes an extension of your camera, harmonizing with your device to deliver excellence in every shot.

Close-up view of Crane 4 Revolution's intuitive touch screen

Illuminate Your Vision

The Crane 4 Revolution doesn’t just help you capture light - it brings its own. With a built-in 10W fill light offering a 3200Lux max illuminance and a 2700k-5500k CCT, your shots will always have the perfect lighting, regardless of the environment. That perfect golden hour shot in the middle of the night? Now it's possible.

Endurance Meets Efficiency

With a rapid full charge time of just 1 hour 50 minutes, the Crane 4 Revolution offers an impressive 12-hour runtime. Whether you're on an all-day shoot or capturing the beauty of a week-long road trip, this gimbal is your tireless companion, always ready to capture the moment.

Crane 4 Revolution Gimbal with compatible camera models

A Customized Creative Journey

Unleash the full potential of your creativity with the Crane 4's adjustable sling mode and Bluetooth controls. Customize your gimbal modes with the handy trigger button, and harness the unlimited creative possibilities offered by the front dial's customizable functions.

Intelligent Balance Indicator

Balancing your gimbal is now a breeze, thanks to our intelligent balance indicator. One glance is all it takes – a white signal means you're ready to roll, while a red signal indicates it's time for a quick adjustment. No more guessing games, just quick, accurate balancing for perfect shots every time.

The Crane 4 Revolution - Not Just a Gimbal

The Crane 4 Revolution is more than just a piece of equipment - it's your new partner in photography. It's a handheld director's suite, a beacon of light in a dark scene, a tireless workhorse. It's the tool that allows you to capture the world as you see it, giving you the freedom to create your masterpiece.

So, the next time you head out for a shoot, remember: with the Crane 4 Revolution, you're not just taking pictures. You're creating a cinematic experience that tells your unique story. Ready to start your revolution?

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